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Hi all,

I think this forum is great in giving you a different (common sense) perspective on the property market. I'm also quite interested in alternatives to property investment and I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the financial markets. As this forum is primarily property-focused does anyone have any recommendation for more general finance/investment forums that also offer level-headed advice. I'm thinking in terms of fund recommendation, stocks, etc.


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Guest muttley

Try these...



The former is good for the discussion board on individual shares, the latter will be glad to help you with more general enquiries, but BEWARE, some of these guys are day traders. Trying to emulate them could cost you lots of money!! You'd be better off doing a bit of reading before you embark on any share trading.

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One thing you have to take into account about stocks is the interest rates, if the stock rises higher than the interest rate say rates are 6% and the value of the stock rises by 8% that means your making money on the stock, If the stock rises lower than the interest rate then your actually losing money on the stock.

So lets say the rates are 6 % you need to divide the rate into months or days depending on how long you keep your shares. If the value of the share has risen greater than the interest for that given period then you have made money if it hasnt you have lost even thou the the share price has gone up. You also need to factor in the brokers fees, you brought 10 shares you need to divide the brokers fees buy the amount of shares you hold then add it to your original amount you invested and start the above from their.

Still learning about it, thats what i learnt so far, inorder not to lose out if the share price drops.

However you could lose out in you sell the shares and it starts too rise, but you could win if you buy back the shares at a lower price, as they say timing the market is hard.

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