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Uk Housing Key To Rate Policy

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Surely they target CPI!


I don't think there's any room there to make housing affordable!


BTW that's some signature !

I still find the BoE's remit confusing as they say that they are targetting CPI and are aiming for 2% - but in the same breath they say they are trying to achieve growth and employment - surely the two are in conflict?

How can you get lower inflation without the casualities i.e. job losses, stagnating HP's and general economic misery - unless the medicine in painfull on one will take a blind bit of notice and will contiue to spend spend spend with the understanding that the government will come to the rescue as soon as growth slows a little or HPI starts to approach 0% - as they did in 2005.

Lets see what happens when HPI approaches 0% this time - if the Boe o the same trick this time - then jigs up - either buy, emigrate or accept the fact that you will rent for ever or worse live as a debt slave.


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They've only just noticed that broad money supply is growing at double digit rates and is highly inflationary.

Funny how this went overlooked. I mean what did they think people would do with the exta money... burn it to keep warm or spend it? <_<

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