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Tax - How Many People Working In The Uk

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The NAO office found that HMRC accurately calculated the amount of income tax people had to pay in around 95% of cases.

Overall, nearly 1.5 million people were over or undercharged tax during the past tax year,

So 5% is 1.5 Million people

so 100 is 30 Million people paying tax in the UK

So half the population pays tax...

(don't about 6M get child tax credits... how many get Wtc? )

so 24M putting tax in without taking money out?

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Here's the sums I did a while ago about Australian tax payers Vs Tax Eaters. Personally I don't see how it works, maybe my sums are out?

Does Australia's economy make sense?

10 350 000 - Australia's workforce (Cia Website)


1 519 000 - Govt employees (2001 Aus Stats)


8 831 000 - Private sector employees who potentially produce an income for our nation

Australian Population is 20,395,744 (aus stats)

Leaving 12 091 744 are not employed (retiree's, unemployed and children)

Ok unemployment (not including the under-employed)

527 000 (2005)

That should mean that 8 304 000 are working in private sector.

WTF? 17% of the workforce works directly for the government!!!

Ok what about pay?

Average 2005 public servant = $1124 a week

Average 2005 mug private sector = $ 1042

So they are paid more as well?

which works out that 12 091 744 are not employed (retiree's, unemployed and children) add the 1 519 000 govt employees means that 13 610 744 are dependent on those 8.3 million workers.

Or to put it another way - 44% support the other 66%

4 workers support 6 other Australians.

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And with the Baby Boomers retiring soon, it's going to get a lot worse!

Is there any one out there doing a real job??? Please do not reply if you live in China.

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