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Alfie Moon

Data, Graphs, Tables Of Number Of Uk Properties Etc.

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Are there any tables, graphs, stats available, that anyone knows about, that show

- how many residential houses/flats (properties) there are in the UK (preferably broken down into Eng, Scot, Wales, N.Ire - and even better if available for conties; cities, towns, villages, etc.)

- and the number of properties up for sale

- and number of registered potential buyers?

If such data/graphs/tables exist it would be interesting to see how they vary over time and how the data relates to each other and claims about the putative shortage of property.

(I ask this because it gets a bit frustrating hearing the putative claims about a housing shortage solely based on the number of houses currently being built/not built without an analysis of what currently exists in relation to the current population.)

Obviously it would be of interest to compare the above mentioned stats with data about the UK population, i.e. number of people - including a demographic breakdown of age groups ( I would assume retired people are generally much more static than the younger generation trying to get on the property ladder). Also it would be interesting to see how the rise and fall of numbers of properties up for sale and numbers of potential buyers really relates to the rise and fall of house prices - does the relationship follow the objective availability of property and number of people pursuing them or is the relationship somewhat disjointed by more subjective factors such as VI propaganda and the impact that has on sentiment?

So, just wondering if such an analysis has been done and kept a track of.

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all the stats you can shake a stick at... population is up 10% over 30 years, housing stock is up 30% over the same time period. Every time the population rises by 2 we build 1 more property...

Really? I don't suppose you have a link for that, couldn't find it on the statistics site. Interesting numbers if true :)

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