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Maxi Isa's

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Can anyone recommend a good Maxi ISA?

Also, is it possible to mix both Funds and Shares in the same Maxi ISA?

I spoke to Fidelity yesterday and they said –

“You can have an all Funds Maxi ISA or an all Shares Maxi ISA but can’t mix them both together”

This is a shame because I’d like to put 50% of my Maxi ISA in a Japanese Fund and the other 50% in shares.

Also, the interest rates on a Maxi ISA is about 3.5% (Cant find that link anymore as proof!), but if my memory does serve me correct – isn’t that a really bad interest rate?

Kind Regards

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Interest rate on Maxi ISA?

If the ISA is tied to Funds or Shares it will be based on performance of the Funds or Shares.

Never heard of getting interest back too.

Fidelity does do a MAXI ISA where you buy whatever you want.

I have a japanese fund tracker, with a merryl lynch and a UK growth builder in same year Maxi.

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I think the rate your talking about is the initial charge which is 3.5%. This is the amount fidelity charge you to buy into the fund without taking into account the 1.5% yearly management charge on the value of your fund.

You can get the initial charge down to 0.5% if you set up a self select Maxi Isa (£25 yearly charge) with selftrade (an online stockbroker). Selftrade offer cheaper fund prices due to volume they buy.

You'll can also get that £25 back if you get someone to refer you as you'll get £50 free after buying more than £500 in funds or shares.

if i were you thou i'd read up an awful lot more on investing in general before taking the plunge. Japan looks like one for the future but could be a while before it picks up.

if your still interested thou email me at


and i'll refer you

i'm positive u can mix both funds and shares in a self select Maxi Isa with selftrade. The customer services no. is 0845 0700 720 so feel free to double check

also check out the FAQ and the site in general at www.selftrade.co.uk

good luck


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