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Magno Fuel

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If it sounds too good to be true.....

All of these gadgets were comprehensively debunked in the 70s. Ask yourself why no major car manufacturer has installed these as a matter of course in at least one of its cars.

Have a look at this populat mechanics article


As the article points out, the whole rationale is pure bunkum. Petroleum is not magnetic.

Heres another article


The utter lack of published test data is revealing. According to the vendors, magnetic fuel treatment has been around for at least fifty years. If it actually worked as claimed, it seems likely that it would by now be commonplace. It is not.

Vendors of magnetic fuel treatment sometimes respond to this reasoning with hints that the automobile manufacturers and big oil companies are conspiring to suppress magnetic fuel treatment to maintain demand for gasoline. Such a conspiracy seems quite improbable. This supposed conspiracy has not managed to suppress other fuel-saving innovations such as fuel injection and computerized control.

EDIT: You might also want to ask why people like F1 teams and airlines arent also using these simple, cheap and miraculous gadgets....mmmm... could it be because they dont work?

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Thanks Jonewer, thought they were a con.

I'm surprised that they're selling quite well, someone asked the company I work for to source them (for export) and thought i'd look into it.

The reason I did post it was because the chaps won a nobel prize for their work (apparantly).

What about moth balls? would that help me get more mpg? :lol:

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The reason I did post it was because the chaps won a nobel prize for their work (apparantly).

Its quite correct that "Bloch and Purcell were awarded the Nobel prize for their work on magnetic fields...." IIRC they discovered Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (different atmoic nuclei in different compounds resonate in a different manner when exposed to extremely strong magnetic fields) this also gave rise to MRI scans.

What the Ecozone scamsters dont tell you is that Bloch and Purcell have nothing whatsover to do with their mumbo-jumbo gadget.

Its a common tactic among snake-oil salesmen - drop a few big names (eg. Einstein) and hope that the public think that Einstein or whoever designed or endorsed their sanke-oil. If you read the Ecozone blurb, they never say that these nobel prizewinners had anything to do with the product....... just drop the names in.....

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