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Babnye, what I meant was I trust when you come to sell the home you are currently buying I trust you will remember back to your sentiment here.

I bet you wont. You will hold out for every last penny. Those that are stubborn when it comes to buying are just as stubborn (irrational usually) when it comes to selling.

Remember these words.

That's an interesting point but then part fo the reason we haven't bought until now is because we are realistic about the market and don't want to be in a position where we're clinging to every last peny of the 'apparent' equity.

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I'm a negotiator for a living, and I would characterise the OP position (from a vendor perspective) as a 'banker' ie. don't want to take it, but I know it's there as a fall-back, so I'll keep on trying to get more.

Therefore, from a technical negotiation perspective, I'd recommend you put a time limit on your offer now of, say 4 weeks, (and possibly reduce by 5k - anything more and you'll look like a time waster. Make sure you justify any price reduction though - interest rates would be a good one as it's on the front pages of the tabloids weekly). You can always come back in a few months and re-offer if they don't play dice and I guarantee you, the vendors will be in a worse state of mind. Of course, if they sell for a higher price in the meantime, you haven't lost out as you were nevern prepared to pay that in the first place. One other thing you must do as a buyer though, is effectively 'write-off' the purchase of this particular house and hunt long and hard elsewhere - you'll be in the wrong state of mind otherwise and get too attached to the house in question.



p.s. I've just realised that some of the paranoid androids on here will think I'm an 'EA' as I've described myself as a negotiator. I'm not, I work in the oil industry and negotiate fiscal terms with host country governments, but principles of negotiation are the same for any subject matter.

Gooner, read your post with interest. Can I PM you for some advice.....I am 'in negotiation' taking the advice of a CFA. The vendor has made some odd moves which I can't really interpret and I'd like an informed opinion. Would that be OK?

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This has happened to me a few times in the last 6 months. Been making a few offers on houses that I knew for a fact had been on the market for 1 - 2 years. All of them had been 'Under Offer' a few times and then lapsed.

I naturally though that as a cash buyer who could move quick and did not have to sell a house I would be able to make an attractive proposition to move at a discount. No chance. EAs consistently telling me that the sellers wanted asking price offers only despite being stuck on the market for years in some cases.

Only because they face the same problem from the people they're buying off and so-on and so-on :rolleyes:

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Remember these words.

yeah everybody. VERY important. And he's never said it before and will never say ot again, so REMEMBER IT!



Dogbox, why do you think you have some kind of magical insight into the characters and nature of the posters on this board? You may think you are a 'good judge of human character', but you seem to be laboring under the delusion that the posters on this board are like everyone else, and will behave like them.

by definition, the posters on here are NOT like everyone else

So could you do us all a favour and stop insulting everyone whether intentionally or not.

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I have put a time limit on our offer and got this back

"Your email has been passed to the vendors. At this stage they don’t wish to accept your offer. They are looking for £290,000. (subject to contract)."

Not quite asking price then.

Also found out that the other interested people who can't sell their own house are now looking elsewhere as well. As time goes by, they are seeing other properties they like.

Interesting to see what happens on this one. But I'm certainly not upping the offer yet!

Thanks for all advice etc - very sensible and much appreciated

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Gooner, read your post with interest. Can I PM you for some advice.....I am 'in negotiation' taking the advice of a CFA. The vendor has made some odd moves which I can't really interpret and I'd like an informed opinion. Would that be OK?

sure thing - be happy to help if I can

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