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Halifax Launch Assault On Miracle Economy

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Council Tax Outpacing Inflation
Council tax rises have soared above retail price inflation and average earnings over the past ten years,
says the Halifax…
Over the past decade, the headline rate for the Retail Price Index has risen by 31 per cent. Over the same period, the price of services has increased by 44 per cent. But council tax has spiralled upwards by 91 per cent. Outpaces
In contrast, earnings have climbed by 51 per cent, which means your friendly local authority is taking a much bigger bite out of your pay packet than it did back in 1997.
Welsh Reshuffle
In Wales, homeowners may have been rubbing their hands with glee at some impressive house price appreciation in recent years, but once the taxman caught up with the market it was a different story.
In 2005, Welsh properties were reassessed by the Valuation Office Agency and 33 per cent were moved into a higher band.
Subsequently both Monmouthshire and Powys recorded the highest increases in council tax bills over the last ten years, with rises of 184 per cent and 150 per cent respectively.
However, with the average bill totalling £871, Wales still remains the region with the lowest council tax bill. Welsh billing authorities also featured most prominently in the nationwide areas with the lowest bills, having 11 out of the top 30.

Halifax: don't blame us blame the Scotsman who gave you the miracle.

Nice one isn't it? Your house is "worth" 300% more even though you can't spend all that "extra" dosh and the taxman cometh and taketh away!

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