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Us Taxpayers On The Hook For $59 Trillion

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So OK i'm sticking to my plan and keeping well clear of american fiat $USD but then comes the next little snipet of information as to how the govement tries to say the debt is not quite as big as it's been reported and they argue that.

"The change would move Social Security and Medicare onto the government's income statement and balance sheet, instead of keeping them separate.

The White House and the Congressional Budget Office oppose the change, arguing that the programs are not true liabilities because government can cancel or cut them. "

and this is just what i think will happen in the UK when as an aging nation the goverment has to cover so many future pensions so keep paying your 11% NI contributions with your head in the sand and don't listen to anyone that tell you the the conpulsary retirement plan you all have is going to pay you next to nothing.

The article goes on to say

"This hidden debt is the amount taxpayers would have to pay immediately to cover government's financial obligations. Like a mortgage, it will cost more to repay the debt over time. Every U.S. household would have to pay about $31,000 a year to do so in 75 years. "

things get even better and in some states they are already introducing laws that stop people getting medicare if they are not working and some people are doing serious crimes so that thet are put into jail because they then get medical treatment but don't take my word for it

i love her face :)


i could be wrong but to me it seems the world is heading towards an economic meltdown with all the social impications that will bring and i've not even touched on any of the peak oil (not sure it's so true), ozone layer stuff but it appears we have a perfect storm brewing.

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