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Saw this in The Mail today. EA values house 50K less due to erection of phone mast.

Phone mast wipes £50,000 off house value

Definitely will have an effect but 50K? (about 12% off original valuation). Meethinks might be using this as an excuse to drop the price more than might have done given the recent and dramatic change of sentiment.

Would it have been the same last summer? - headline more likely to have been "EA values house at extra 50K after mast installed" for the extra benefit of recieving superb mobile phone reception :D

Sorry link didn't quite work. Need to follow link then go to House prices and view top story.

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I wonder what the re-valuation would have been without the phone mast going up. Reports over the last month seem to show prices dropping 10% or more.

I smell a rat. :unsure:

Could it just be that the EA is using the tower as a way of getting the seller to drop her price to more realistic levels in order to make a sale (e.g. 5% off for the tower, 10% because the house was way overpariced in the first place)?

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