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grey shark

Birmingham & Midshires Web Saver 5.95%

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B & M , now paying 5.95 % , B&M are part of Halifax so those so those worried about the ratings of ICESAVE or ICICI :ph34r: might want to have a look , openend a account with these last year , took about 2 weeks no problems since , copied from there web site ...........................................

Manage your account online, access your funds at anytime and earn a high rate of 5.95% gross/AER.


Invest as little as £1 and earn a high interest rate of 5.95% gross/AER. This rate includes a bonus of 0.75% for the first year.

Access your account at any time.

Make up to 6 penalty free withdrawals per annum.

Transfer money effortlessly to and from your WebSaver.

View full and mini statements.

£1 minimum investment 6 withdrawals permitted per annum Annual interest rate Gross/AER: 5.95%

Net: 4.76%


Interest rates effective from 1st June 2007

Things you need to know:

Rate includes a bonus of 0.75% for the first year.

After the first 12 months your account will revert to the Internet Easy Access Post Bonus account which currently has a rate of 4.95% gross/AER.

Interest is calculated daily and credited to the account annually on the anniversary of the first deposit.

Maximum balance £5 million.

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I am currently having a spot of bother with BM. I wrote a letter asking to transfer my ISA to a different bank in March. I heard nothing so I sent another letter. Again I heard nothing so I phoned them. Apparently a cheque was sent but not cashed. They were going to follow up but again failed to contact me. After more phone calls they agreed to stop the original cheque and send out another one. They had some trouble passing me over to the department which deals with this and told me they would get the person to call me back. No one has called.

I suppose they aren't going to be interested in a customer who has already decided to move but they could at least return calls to get this sorted out. An ISA transfer is supposed to be completed within 30 days, but now nearly 4 months have passed.

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FYI, It won't be the same as Icesave come Friday:

We are pleased to inform you that the interest rate on your Easy Access Account will increase from 5.95%AER to 6.20%AER with effect from 13 July 2007.

Edit to clarify that quote is from Icesave.

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