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President Ron #2

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I suspect the odds of there being an assassination attempt on him have also shortened considerably... :ph34r:

That worries me too. He is in his 70s, maybe he will have a speCIAl 'heart attack' in his 'sleep'.

If that happened, I would put in a formal request to stop the world so I could get off.

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The very best of luck to Ron Paul.

If anyone has some spare time please watch his videos on "you tube"

sorry I do not have the link.

He seems to be a rare breed of politician,honest !!

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Ron Paul will not run as an independent because of the lack of money. He has stated publicly he will not do so. If he get the GOP nomination he will receive Rep. cash to fight the Democrats.

Did anyone hear Hillary Clinton tell a bold faced lie today. She stated that there is not ONE REPUBLICAN RUNNING WHO WANTS TO STOP THE WAR. Lying runs in her family.

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