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Had a chat with a mortgage broker last night. One comment he made in passing "The BoE wants to kill the market stone dead and they won't be happy 'til they've done so."

I began composing an explanatory response covering money supply, CPI vs RPI, 2-year time-lags etc. Then I thought "Bu44er it, I can't be bothered". Bed made, lie.

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Just spoken to an outlet of FBM estate agents in Pembrokeshire - v busy first 3 months of year - now it has gone dead.

Well who the hell is going to , or can spend 250k for a 3 bedroom semi in the likes of M Haven or P Dock where the average wage has got to be substantially less than 20k.

And those pretty bungalows in the likes of Newgale and Solva that you could pick up in 2000 for 70-100k are now 300k and are not nearly so appealing to our weathy (but not totally stupid) holiday homers.

South and west Wales are going to suffer in a major way when the Big C comes calling . But all the well crafted polemics in the world will not convince people who could not save 200k in 30 years from their wages that their wealth is just chimera.

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Just spoken to an outlet of FBM estate agents in Pembrokeshire - v busy first 3 months of year - now it has gone dead.

It may be an unwarranted preconception of mine, but I always assumed they flogged mostly holiday homes, rather than being a "real" estate agent. We always used to rend holiday cottages through them in Tenby when I was a kid!!

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just got back from a few days in Pembs - my first time there. Lovely place, kicks Cornish ass in my view, largely because of the relative absence of SE colonisation.

Could not believe how many for sale signs were everywhere though. Talking to some of the locals, it was clear that they too were perplexed by the prices and that the average local wage was probably less than £15k, never mind £20k. Whole villages being throttled by holiday home hoarding.

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FBM are mainstream EAs, with EA offices in Narberth, Tenby, Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Fishguard and Milford Haven. Blimey, if Pembrokeshire kicks Cornish ass, I'm just so glad I haven't been to Cornwall recently!!! Agree on your salary observation - most younguns earn sub-15k - the local economy is v tourism oriented and v seasonal (Pembs has some of the worst occupancy rates for tourist accommodation - hotels, b&bs, holiday cottages, in the whole of the UK).


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