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Rspca Are So Pathetic

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I'm no longer suprised by anything the powers that be do.

I heard a toddler got an £80 fine for dropping a couple of Quavers the other day.

But people are free to preach hatred and call for beheadings.

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Shame the dog didn't rip his throat out.

Someone needs to teach criminals to respect the police violence is the only way asking nicely does not work.

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I find this absolutely incredible, what is this country coming to?

Makes my blood boil to think that the yob was compensated. How sad, the poor dog must have been wondering what it did wrong? :( Shame to the Police force :angry:


http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/6685 :o

Agree 100%....this is ******* pathetic beyond belief!!!!!.......I cannot say what I would like to on here as this just got me fuming.....

The dog was PUT DOWN and the yob was compensated......i have to repeat that to justify my moral way of thinking as to how that sounds so "un-normal"........incomprehensible.....

The powers that be are all fcuked in the head....who are they trying to protect, not the public!

Like I have mentioned in previous posts the unfairness is stark and real........Soldiers in iraq come back with mising limbs etc.........a dick like this gets paid for a ickle bit of his ear being torn off.....The judge MUST have been welling up at the sight of this malformed creature!

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