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Mr Blair Is An A***hole.

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Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are the products of a liberal society.

If their parents had smacked them when they were younger, they would know the meaning of pain and would be better advised before sending people off to fight illegal wars as they themselves would have some knowledge of suffering.

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It goes like this.

Years ago when Schools had corporal punishment, those that liked to fool around would get a good spanking. When they went home, their parents would give them another smack. These kids did not grow up to be violent criminals, they knew the meaning of pain, punishment, discipline, for sure they learnt the hard way, but the lesson was learnt. It did them no harm.

Today, we see young lads who have never ever had a good thrashing, running around with gangs assualting people, bullying, robbing etc. These kids were brought up in a liberal atmosphere, and took advantage. They know nothing of pain and suffering, simply because they have never experienced it, so for them its far easier to inflict it, and the older they get the more serious the crimes.

Look at all civilisations that broke down and you will find that the generation standing on the shoulders of giants became liberal, they forgot the toil and hardship that their forefathers put in to get them where they are today.

In short, discipline, punishment for not conforming all make a society successfull.

Is it any wonder that in todays society whereby hard work is frowned upon, and everyone wants it cushy, society is breaking down, lack of respect for others is endemic in this country and its getting worse.

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