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I'm sure the weightings are perfectly accurate and also perfectly legal, but they don't represent the true picture.

They represent the actual spend ratios. E.g. if people spend a higher proportion of their total spend on petrol, its weighting will increase.

Both the CPI and RPI are an attempt to measure the changes in the cost of buying a representative basket of UK goods and services.

The methods used to calculate both indexes are similar. Each month thousands of prices for a selection of goods and services are analysed to check on any increases.

Some of the goods and services will carry a higher weighting, reflecting the fact that we spend more on some items than others.

Each year, the make-up of the "basket" of good and services, and the weightings assigned to them, are revised to take into account changes in spending patterns.

For example, in recent years people have tended to spend more of their money on electrical goods, travel and leisure, while the proportion they have spent on basic items such as food has fallen.

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