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A Quick Poll On Private Renting

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Guest Bart of Darkness

At the moment (with 59 votes), "Generally unsatisfactory" is 10% of the total vote, I must admit I'm quite impressed, I thought there'd be a few more people with bad experiences.

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Had trouble with the alarm lately, so will be giving them a call on Tuesday. I expect them to call out their electrician and get it fixed ASAP at no cost or inconvenience to me.

Be the lazy complacent git that I am, I only got around to contacting the LL this morning. Whereas she is anything but...

Hi Paul

I have the electrician booked in for Tues 24th May approx., 9am to sort out your alarm.

Tom will meet him at the apartment so you don’t need to be there.

Kind regards


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My own experience is this (I voted fair)

Previous property was a bedsit in top floor of a house, very small room sloping roof at edges (wasnt a loft). Shared bathroom which was cleaned by cleaners every week and fitted kitchen in my room. The heater didnt work. I initially bugged about it during summer guy came out told me the timing was linked to water heating for bathroom downstairs and as they were off at time it was why it wasnt working whilst he was there, this was a fob off. I didnt complain again because I hated people been in the room easier to just use my heater. In the summer the room was roasting and winter fairly chilly but not freezing. Rent included council tax and water rates. It was very small I did get used to it but looking back now I do wonder how I managed, my 3 years there had no rent increase. When hot water broke in bathroom downstairs landlord was on the ball and got that fixed fast, also work was done during my time there, staircases etc. repainted and bathroom had new flooring fitted. My cooker also had a broken thermostat and he also got that fixed fast after I reported it, so heater aside it was generally good experience but the room itself was tiny.

Now one bed flat with same landlord, much more expensive but I have way more space, own bathroom etc. Had problems with gas which was never fixed properly till about 6 months after I moved in took 4 reports I think. Carpets got stains that were there before I moved in. After only 1 year rent increased by 6.75%. During my 4 years with landlord not had single inspection. House has really bad insulation.

I know that if something expensive goes like the boiler or cooker my landlord will be paying for it not me so there is a sense of good feeling that I wont get large unexpected costs, I dont seem to have the motivation to make it really homely tho, lots of stuff still packed in boxes and no decoration etc. Now i signed a 2 year tenancy agreement tho I will probably make it more homely but wont do any painting as too much hassle when eventually leaving.

Compared to my sister who used to rent also with same landlord she now owns a house.

The state of her house when she moved in was I would say barely habitable, exposed wires bad radiators, hole in floor between bedroom and living room, walls undecorated no carpets. She spent a fair amount of cash fitting combi boiler, new radiators, tidying up electrical wires, new fire in living room, sealing hole and flooring. She seemed to get exhausted tho and didnt paint the walls so although its more homely now the walls look a mess and no work was done up stairs. She doesnt seem as happy as she was renting but glad she owns a house. Her mortgage and the required insurance costs her around 80% more then her previous rent did I think. But she does of course have freedom of what to do with house.

I am fairly happy and considering I know some properties can be really poor standard I know I am doing all right, I also dont have any credit check, admin fees etc. as the landlord doesnt use an estate agent. I feel fairly secure he does this full time owns many properties and even employs full time staff.

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I've recently moved to rented accomodation, and my LL is fantastic. Its a lovely house in tip top condition- redecorated before I moved in. He's done any work need usually within a couple of hours of asking, put up a shed for me, been happy if I wanted to change things (e.g. I asked him if I could remove a radiator to put up some bookshelves- not only did he think this was fine, he was there within half an hours with his tools and did it for me). He took care of all my packing cardboard- sent round a son to collect it in a trailer and took it away for me.. well lots more things but I won't go on! Much better than having to cope with house maintenance myself.

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On 07/05/2007 at 15:48, adibrown said:

If you could stretch to afford it you could really live a luxurious lifestyle in Hailsham for the same cost as buying a 2 bedroom flat in Hove for £340k.

OK so £2000pcm seems a lot but then this property has just sold for £650k. I reckon you could put an offer in for £1800pcm.



could always save a few quid from the 2016 price on number 29 

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