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Us Manufacturing In Surprise Jump

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With my limited knowledge it would seem the Fed are between a rock and a hard place - inflation on the up and a property market in trouble. To raise or not to raise...

Ben will sacrifice houses and hike--he is backed by powers far greater than those behind NuLabour. Gordon will keep HPI-MEW going for as long as he can as his legacy stands on it. He may well tell Merv to be "vigilant" and keep IR accommodative and hope for the Holy Grail of all booms: the mythical soft landing.

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Don't know why it's so much of a bloody surprise,the currency is getting caned!!

What the issue is,is whether that meagre amount of manufacturing they have left will be enough to compensate for the house-driven service economy they have.

in theory,yes they should be ok...as financial services are also exported,which have a lower overhead cost.

However,these things are NEVER plain sailing.

Business investment in the US over the past few years tells a different story...I'd be inclined to follow the chaps that are placing the BIG bets....and it's elsewhere in the world.

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