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What Does 150k Buy In Your Town?

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Soon 150k will get you this :-

Reduced from 187,500 and previously sold for 185k in 2004, so that's a 3% cash loss at least (assuming it sells for asking price) but more like 10% when inflation taken into account.


Indeed, but prices still need to fall considerably in the Warwick - Leamington conurbation to make them anything near affordable for the natives. A combination of commutability by Chiltern Trains and the M40, together with attractive architecture in the town centres, a large 'technology park' and a good few private schools, has and will keep them popular with highly-paid 'professionals'. I know, I work with a lot of such people.

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While down in Sunny Bournemouth...


The description made me laugh - trying to sale before HIPS no doubt!

<SmartMove are pleased to present for sale with NO FORWARD CHAIN this 2 double bedroom 1st floor flat. This property is very competitively priced due to it being in need of re roofing. However, it is set in a popular location and has the benefit of a private rear garden and a modern kitchen. Ideally gas central heating also needs to be installed and some of the windows need replacing. With the price and popular location in mind early viewings are highly recommended.>


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Near me 150k will get this 2 bed apartment with odd-shaped rooms:

Wonky apartment

The chequered floor in the bathroom is a nice touch and reminds me of those optical illusion drawings.

Oh, and don't forget to include £40 a month service charge.

If I want a "proper" house, I suppose I could go 19k over budget for this back-to-back with poor drainage:

Check out picture 5 on this beauty

Only an EA would have the nerve to describe that basement as plumbed for a washing machine.

Or I could abandon my snobbery and go live with the chavs:

I moved here to get away from houses like this

I guess I'll be renting for a while yet, then.

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I saw this in the town I live in and thought it was a mistake....

A 3 bed semi with garage for less than £145k....

(I've just noticed the location should be Dronfield, Derbyshire and not Sheffield, Yorkshire as the e.a. has put it).

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Having visited Northern Ireland recently for the first time those areas of Belfast you mention don't seem particularly rough to me. I've seen a lot worse elsewhere. Compared to similarly sized English cities, such as Coventry, Belfast is doing very well. I resent all the money that is being thrown at the place.

At any rate here in Coventry, £150K gives you quite a good choice, both of properties and areas:


We're only 90 miles (65 mins by Virgin Trains) from the Smoke, but our economy is not doing too well. Peugeot and Jaguar RIP. The EU funding the place used to receive during the 90s has long since dried up.

Most of the middle-class 'professional' population of this area lives in the golden triangle of Stratford-upon-Avon, rural Solihull and Leamington (Royal Yuppington Spa), where £150K will buy a one-bedroom flat if you are lucky. (Warwick and Kenilworth also fall into this area).

North Warwickshire: Nuneaton and Bedworth is a former mining area where properties are a bit cheaper than Cov and considerably cheaper than the southern half of the county.

There seems to be a reasonable selection of houses and flats in Coventry. I quite liked this place, 2 bed flat. Under 150K too.


Unbeatable for location, smack bang in the middle of the city centre, overlooking Holy Trinity and close to the Cathedral(s). Though I'm sure in a few years I'll have had my fill of a flat and want a house instead! Have seen some houses and flats reduce in price a little but not any massive drops by any stretch of the imagination yet. I guess of the BOE decide to up interest rates next month, that might start to change...

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Loads to choose from in my part of Stockport.

Honest to goodness working class/lower middle area with good schools, good transport and low crime.

Here's a selection;





Nothing wrong with any of these or about 100 others. In a couple of years they might fetch £90,000!

The sad tragedy of the looming crash is that the real losers will be the young couples who have paid £150,000 for places like this on a 100% mortgage. The BTL bastards will have unloaded their entire stock in the nick of time.

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Difficult to judge due to the offers over system in Scotland, but you'd be likely to get a 2 bed flat in the area of Glasgow I live in


Most will have had the kitchen diner converted into a second bedroom, with an internal kitchen which I think is a shame. A lot of these traditional flats are having the guts stripped out of them to make them 2 beds.

A 1 bed which hasn't been converted would be about £125,000 and a lot nicer in my opinion.


Where I grew up, you could get a 3 bed ex council house in a good area, with excellent schools and £10k left over.


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Like some of the other replies from the East Midlands, in and around Leicester you can still get plenty for £150K. Obviously, like everywhere though, there is a big gulf between the good and bad areas so you will now be hard pushed to buy much more than a 2 bed terraced in a nice part of town. This one looks ok and is quite close to the University so its got good rental potential.

3 Bed Terrace

If you go out to the Leicester Villages, you can find some pretty reasonable properties for the same price. This is in a good village:

Kibworth 3 Bed

This is in a not so nice village:

Coalville 4 Bed

p.s. Having moved from Windsor recently, I'm laughing at how cheap it all is. Selling my 2 bed terrace with a loft conversion down there will allow me to buy a full renovated 5 bed detached period property in the best area.

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In PE12 Rightmove has a selection of 180 (quite a few duplicates) ranging from 3 bed detached (with a bit work) many 3 bed semis and 2 bed bungalows and flats down to 1 bed midterrace for £75000. Most properties have off road parking (many have garages and workshops) and gardens.

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