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'Mathematical terms'? What about reality?

You may believe in logic, reason and theories. I believe in demand outstripping supply by tenfold. I believe in the City's status as the leading financial centre of the world. I believe in annual bonuses of £20bn being pumped into the market. I believe in the Olympics in 2012. I believe in Heathrow terminal 5 bringing 60% more traffic to the capital. I believe in runway 3 in 2017. I believe in large scale immigration and foreign investment. I believe in the prodigious ongoing program of residential and commercial regeneration and development. I believe in a burgeoning transport and social infrastructure.

We are talking about the London market, and this is the real world, my friend.

'Mathematical terms'? How quaint.

I believe 75% of Londons workers are getting little or no pay rises

I belive 90% of Londons workers never get a bonus.

I belive the olympics is a short lived hype, re economy for normal people.

I belive much of the City of Londons big money is just scams selling each other bits of paper and will one day unravel.

I believe that if you belive all you have written above is long term reality, then reality will bite everyone who thinks like that on the ar*e one day soon.

Sorry but much of this sounds like Japan in 1989 when one of the papers headlines said 'There is no limit to our financial growth', this was the year that families were taking out 50 year mortgages that their children could carry on with when the parents retired. It then took 15 years to get to the bottom.

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