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Cherie Blair: It's My Human Right To Get Perks

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Cherie Blair shocked Britain's most senior civil servant by claiming she was entitled to cut-price designer clothes worth thousands of pounds - because she was protected by European human rights laws.
But the way she chose to justify her conduct left the mandarin speechless. She said: "You are infringing my rights under Article 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights on an individual's right to do as they like with their own property."
The convention was enshrined into British law by Labour after the 1997 Election, and it is no surprise Mrs Blair was able to quote from it, as it has earned huge sums for her legal chambers, Matrix, which was set up specifically to work on high-profile human rights cases.
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I can't stand Cherie Blair, but if push came to shove, I'd have to say I loathe the Daily Mail a whole lot more...everything they print is right wing propoganda of the basest kind.

Probably a pile $hit this story, rattled out by some disgruntled civil servant.

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