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Noticed recently in Nth London property developers having planning permission granted to build an extra floor on an existing block of flats. Not only that existing gardens being made into car parking spaces. More & more land (including peoples back gardens) being snapped up to build new homes and car parking spaces.

How many people can you squeeze into an area of land? Can our roads take all this extra traffic? Our transport system can't for sure.

Must remember to leave for work 10 mins earlier next year, and slap a tree preservation order on the tree in the garden. ;)

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lots of blocks of flats being finished in tunbridge wells. Its on the commuter line to London but even so they are asking for £250k plus for two bed flats. Its stupid, i'm tempted to go and have a look at them and laugh.

There are two blocks just finished down my road, a new block completed a few months ago in the town centre, another being built in the centre, planning permission given for more to be built where the old cinema was, and another one about to be finished ten minutes walk from town centre. none are selling. The block finished in the summer by a train station still has ten or so to let and for sale signs.

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In and around Newcastle upon Tyne over the last five years, I would guess in the region of ten to twenty thousand new houses, flats and appartments have been built. It does not end there as construction on more and more new sites continues, anyone from Newcastle know of the Great North Park?

One massive development currently under construction in Newcastle is accomodation specificly aimed at Student and Key-workers! The development is massive and shall have nearly 700 dwellings, surly this shall have a negative impact on the local buy to let market, what a shame!

So in Newcastle I would say that the supply of housing is certainly increasing, shall be interesting to see whether or not demand can keep pace.

Neil :rolleyes:

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