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You Have To Rent It Out, But Can You..

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I am renting, in london..

not from an evel despot landlord, but from a friend..

she has owned for years, has no intention of selling and now lives with her husband..

good luck to them..

But she was relieved to have rented it..

why? she livesin a building turned into flats, flats which overlook tennis courts in a nice area in london.. not too expensive..

she has said that half the flats are empty half the time and.. after three months there i can say she is right..

another friend is moving to america with work for a couple of years and can she rent out her two bed flat in fulham..?. nice area....

not yet..

btl?too risky

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Interesting... I was talking to a physio last night who can't afford to buy despite a big salary and has just rejected buying to let as 'the maths don't add up'. It is all very interesting! If you buy to let and can't, how long before panic sets in?

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