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We've seen an advert about selling property on the internet from our property move. Can anyone give some advise on pros and cons? Or anyone who has or knows someone who has sold without using an estate agent? I've looked at a few sites and there seems to be a few but would like some advice?

Having sold to rent earlier in the year, I would advise steering clear of private sales. We had the flat advertised for a month with The Little House Company, with a sign outside, and on their web site, linked to propertyfinder and some of the more minor national sites (not rightmove or findaproperty), but during the whole month we didn't get one single request for a viewing. The advert had been viewed many times, and some people had phoned up having seen the board, but still there were no viewings.

We then signed up with a local agent (the same one from which I originally bought the flat), they showed people round the following weekend, and on the Monday we had two offers, one of which we accepted, for almost 95% of the asking price. Of course we ended up paying a fat fee, although I did negotiate it down, largely on account of providing my own photos and floorplan. Nevertheless it was better to sell the flat and pay the fee than not to sell it at all, which is what would undoubtedly have happened had we stuck with the private sale.

The Little House Company provided their advertised service well, and they were always helpful and efficient, but they cannot coax people into viewing a property. Despite everyone's hatred of estate agents, it seems that people who are seriously looking to buy property invariably turn to them, rather than to private sellers.

This was in north London, by the way, in spring 2006. By all means send me a private message if you require further information.

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We've seen an advert about selling property on the internet from our property move. Can anyone give some advise on pros and cons? Or anyone who has or knows someone who has sold without using an estate agent? I've looked at a few sites and there seems to be a few but would like some advice?


I've sold privately twice, but that was before internet listings.

Can't see how you can market now without access to Rightmove.

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Thanks for your reply. When you sold your property privately did you find a buyer quickly?

I think it depends on how much time you have to carry out viewings, our estate agent has never done a viewing for us they only ring us and say a time the people are coming so I figure whats the difference?

I'm going to speak to our estate agent tomorrow and see if our contract allows us to advertise the house privately with ourpropertymove while still using them as our agents. Best of both then because it wont cost us to advertise as its free for 30 days and if we do sell then :D

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Sold by using The Little House Company back in 04 after had a nightmare with estate agents. We had listings at that time on Rightmove through LHC but I am not sure as to whether that is still the case.

Private sale for us went very smoothly and would opt to try and sell privately first and then move to estate agency therafter if no luck. IMHO the sale was made much easier without the involvement of an estate agent.

I think listings on Rightmove are a must and doing it yourself at least you get feedback directly from those that view.

Hope this helps.

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The market is rising on thin trading .Never has it been more difficult to sell,except if you are living in a Southern hotspot.In a slow area of the provinces you may be waiting years to sell,only a lucky few are realising today's valuations here.The rest are stubbornly sitting it out and refusing to reduce.

You need all the bullets at your disposal,get a proper Estate Agent.

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Got more viewings in 1 month privately than we did for 12 months via 2 different estate agents and this was in a slow market in the SE at the time. Again I think that listings on rightmove is an absulte must.

Have heard of some agents doing an excellent job in selling for some, but these do seem to be few are far between.

You pays your money and takes your choice!

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I kind of agree, we have had our house up with the agent now for almost a year and we've had a handful of people throught the door, most were timewasters!! The agents just sent around anyone, at least if I sell it my self via ourpropertymove I control the people coming to view.

oncebittenx2shy I've had instant interest from listing on the site and I prefere being able to talk directly with them on the phone, it cuts out all the confusion that our agent can't. One guy I spoke to had a camper van and needed to keep it in a safe place. There is nowhere to keep a van at our house and simply told him so. My time wasn't wasted and neither was his. I know for sure agents can't offer this type of honesty. :P

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We had our house on the market with housenetwork.co.uk for a month with 2 viewings at the start and then it went quiet. I believe this is more to do with the state of the local market than with housenetwork who were very easy to deal with. For the 2 viewings they followed up with feedback in less than 24 hours and the viewing were very easy to arrange.

The big advantage of housenetwork is they get your details onto Rightmove so you get good coverage. We took our house off the market to stop it going stale over Christmas and will put it back on early next year for no extra fee. They charge £230 to create your details, take pictures and measure rooms etc, then if you sell they charge another £230.

Obviously I can't report a success with them at this stage but I see no reason why not if the buyers are there.

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We've had some viewings this weekend and it all loos good for one couple. How can housenetwork charge 230 for doing the detials? I uploaded our in a few minutes and took the photos ourself, then anouther 230 if they sell it. Ourpropertymove are doing a 30 day free trial at the moment, granted the normal price is £249 but after the interest we've had this weekend we may not need to pay!

We've changed some pictures on our advert to, as some people have requested http://www.ourpropertymove.co.uk/ cross your fingers we get an offer today! :D

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