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What Do We Reckon On A Rise This Month

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with all this good news about the economy and easy affordability of houses, what the reckoning . could be 5 pct this month?

Yes, prices are still going up despite the howls of protest at the last rise about the damage it would do. So bring on a decent rise!

Personally, I a dreaming about a full percentage point rise (just for a month - enough to scare people away from buying shitholes on the theory that rates will stay low and their slum of a propert will only ever go up in value).

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No rise this month. Maybe we'll see another +0.25% uplift in November, as many have already predicted on this site. Thereafter, is anyone's guess. My money would be on standstill until April 2007 and then maybe a cut of -0.25% to ease through a transition from the Blair to Brown administration.

Son of Limahl

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