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I've been looking at these two bed flats on the Brighton Hill estate for a while now (over 5 years in fact).

I've watched the prices go from 80K up and up to 99K then 109K then they seemed to stick at 119K.

Last year people were trying 129K and 135K and I thought - okay, so the last 135K is the limit - they can't possibly go higher.

In the last few days I've found two. Guess the prices ?

144,950 !!!

153,500 !!!!!!!!! :o:o:o

See the attachments, or try doing a search in Basingstoke on Rightmove.

What the hell is going on? Do these owners just want a piece of the 2-bed luxury lifestyle apartment action? I have to say, these rises aren't typical of Basingstoke property - the 154K price puts this property above many 3 bed semi's and terraces on the same and other estates.

There is gonna be hell to pay when this bubble finally pops. Some poor, struggling graduate is gonna have to try and afford that on a 20K salary and with 15K in student loans round their neck. And it wasn't "worth" half that 5 years ago.





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Maybe you should have bought one 5 years ago.

Still, the one I looked at does have a 'private' rear garden. This is clearly a big advantage compared to the 'public rear gardens' that are a feature of so many properties.

A complete tosser is this estate agent what wrote that.

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