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Just had a mate of mine on the phone, asked me how the sale was going, so I explained it looked like falling through.

Anyway he lives in Leeds, when you mention house price falls to him, I have never spoken to anyone so disbelieving, its incredable.

Me: "mind you I think house prices have gone mad, sold my 'mr average house' for 170k, that means you need to earn 43.5K to get the mortgage +17K deposit, who the chuff earns that round here ...... certainly not me mate"

Him:"yes they're mad, isn't it great, I don't think come down though, I think they'll just keep going up tbh, Leeds is now the financial centre of the UK, so I can't see it happening here"

Excuse me I need to pop some prozac and lie down for a while :ph34r:

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Leeds is now the financial centre of the UK

Eh have I missed something :blink:

Sorry just checked Bloomberg it's now showing times for New York, Tokyo and Leeds. Hey maybe the LSE really stands for the Leeds Stock Exchange :D

People really will talk any old pants to convince themselves that house prices are justified, but that's one of the best ones yet!

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Don't get me started on Israel and Zionism!

Let us keep religion out of it. Obviously Scotland is God's own country! :P

In any case, Leeds as a financial centre was never the same after the demise of the giant Leeds permanent B Soc... :lol:

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Gods own country and all that boll**ks

Northerners will try anything to justify living in a wet cold backward part of the country.

Living in Leicestershire I am not sure where I belong geographically - but I do object to the generally limp wristed wimpy southern poofters putting down Northerners who I have found to be generally more approachable and human than the selfish gits that occupy our capital. Rember house price inflation eminated from the bowls of our nation - London - the thames even looks like a colon.

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