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Adopting The American-style Minimum Wage

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Why did neo-Labour introduce a minimum wage just as globalisation ramped up?

Why has Gordon Brown attacked small businesses with company tax rules and excessive paper-work and regulation?

Why have the insurance industry attacked small businesses with massive increases in the mandatory liability insurance premiums?

Doesn't all this mean small businesses that don't have the resource to outsource and aren't transnational corporations can't compete?

Isn't globalisation like the Wal-Mart/Tesco effect, whereby smaller retailers are put out of business and the farmers are forced to sell milk cheaply? Some farmers were recently been prosecuted for forming a cartel to keep the price of milk higher. Yet large retailers are effectively a cartel in themselves. What the milk farmers should have done is band together, not in an Al-Qaeda/terrorist-style cartel but in a government-like merger. They could then pay gangster-government bribes like the large retailers do.

Surveys show that over half of US troops in Iraq are AGAINST the war. Many join up because of promises of funding for education (unfortunately, US mainstream education has been exposed as deliberately designed to fail). With the minimum wage in place, US troops are ready to risk their lives in war rather than accept a low paid job for the simple fact that the minimum wage prevents them from accepting a low paid job regardless of how desperate they are.

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"They could then pay gangster-government bribes like the large retailers do."

Tesco's does this to ensure more immigrants are let in and so keep wages down and profit up and people wonder why we are being flooded

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If you ever find a copy in a library or secondhand book store, buy and read 'Fast Food Nation' by Eric Schlosser. Subtitled 'What the American Fast Food Industry is Doing to the World' it actually covers a wider spectrum including the fall out of minimum wage, poor worker protection and mega corp cartels.

In my day job I often purchase goods at wholesale for more money than you can buy them in a large supermarket (and yes if we can get away with it we do buy from them :o ). I have little bargaining and purchasing power so get a poor deal and nothing I can do about it. Ask your local newsagent about how he has to pay for all his news every week and gets loads of 'box outs' (you know the builds weekly part works or Take That Poster Mag) that then appear two months later with a different name so you don't get your money back, then wonder why the supermarkets don't get these just the 100 best selling mags.

Buy local or buy from the Co-Op.

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