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music man

Finances And Govt.

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WOW - :D:P:D

How does one measure the fizzing sound from the afore mentioned econiomic issue a.k.a. puncture.

Is credit crunch the issue, or immigration increasing demand for accomodation, or immigration lowering wages, (that old contradiction), oil supply (cost) effecting the economy, property, technology, communications etc. or is it just we're being scr3w3d by the people that own this whole cash pig.

Yet govt. pays private companies to do this work for them and cover it up perpetuously (The Media) not to mention the price of war and the gains shown by private companies. Govt America has trillions of $'s in these funds. Owns 70% of Dell in fact. Also, why if we invade Iraq and own B.P. and Kuwait do they not show on our books?

I'll now be showing off a new word I learnt as 'who benefits'?

'Que Bono?' - who benefits?.

I know there's a great chance it's not gonna be us as a population, as there seems no communities that care. So who does benefit?

Oh, I hear Labour are to be called 'the very new labour, that same old trick of change again. Radio 4 about 7'o'clock.

No one mentions banks that create the money and then receive it again, whilst taking a chunk to invest for themselves in private companies through govt. expenditure amongst other things. It will be a bank that indebts us and kills us all to slavery.

The budget is clearly the amount of cash one has to spend on a project, it is not the mount of cash available or that invested and profits gained from that investment. A budget is the cost of operation. The financial details of this country should be promoted as any company would do with income included. Budget remeber is the budget - not income.

But thats not the budget surely? and that budget loss as it aways is, is deductable for the investors of our budget! Our masters.

Hey fellas- I enjoyed the rant and here's a link to the American system at work - illegally.


Excuse me if I divesified for no unknown reason but heh!

Have fun all. The video shows clearly that U.S. govt. is run to finance the private companies (U.S. style) and thwy own 70% of some and I guess I know who taught them?

Who taught them is for another occasion.

England have more debt than the rest of Europe. Did we teach them?


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