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I was recently "across".

Once for a family occasion in Liverpool (car stereo nicked - window smashed - par for the course).


I recently had to go on a work trip down South and rented a car. Listened to radio as you do on the trip.

I was taken by the number of callers, adverts, news and editorial about BTL, starting businesses, property abroad, MEW, refinancing. Maybe you guys wouldnt notice it but since Ive been in the Isle of Man for 18 months, when I came back it was a real eye-opener to see how bonkers it had got.

Went to visit a chap in Ipswich. Nice chap. Said Ispwich was an up-and-coming place because 2-bad apartments on the Quay (ie ex-docks) were "going for 500K each" (read: "on the market for 500K each"). He said the fuel for this market was London commuters in Southend selling there for 700K, buying in Ipswich for 500K, trousering the difference and taking the additional commute on the chin "only an hour to Kings X" (remember to add 30mins for buggering about either end - and the 5K pa season ticket).

Later on he mentioned how Ipswich had gone down hill a bit. Usual story. Chavs, young girls pushing prams, fighting at the weekend, £1 shops etc.

It was then it struck me:

In hock to the eyeballs for 500K to live in an ex-dock attic near fighting, upchucking yoof with £1 shops and a 3 hour round trip commute - thats THREE DAYS a months of your life you will never get back. Since when did this become in the least bit desirable as a way for people to live?

Listen, I sort of liked Ipswich (better than my experience in Liverpool, anyway) - but still...

Thanks for listening. I needed to unload that.


Oh, and by the way the second language at Luton airport for the signage is Polish. Bardzo Dobrze! Ja rozumiem dousze Popolsku!!

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i used to live in ipswich - it is a complete hole!!

Either you are on benefits or you are an asylum seeker.

There are some decent people in ipswich but they live right out in Martlesham, woodbridge and back of beyond to stay away from central ipswich.

Only a few key companies keeping it afloat like insurance houses and BT for starters....(both of which seem to be pushing for mobile workforce)

As for travel to London - what a joke from ipswich - overcrowded expensive trains (£50+), must of the time they break down half way there if they even turn up..

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