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Rise In Number Of Workers Forced To Commute From Abroad

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9 September 2006 10:36

Britons commute from abroad as house prices soar
By Philip Thornton, Economics Correspondent
Published: 09 September 2006
Soaring house prices have bred a new generation of international commuters. A growing number of Britons are commuting to their jobs in the UK from their permanent homes abroad.
Property experts say the lower cost of houses in Europe combined with cheap air travel, faster rail links and better communications have encouraged them to buy abroad.
A poll for the Property Investor Show yesterday found
four out of five people would consider leaving the UK to attain a better quality of life, with the stressful daily commute on Britain's railways and roads cited as the major factor.

This Miracle Economy of Gordon's has created a major crisis. With this many people made miserable something is very wrong.

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We are told that people will have to take out 50 year mortgages, club together in groups and now people commute from abroad. This is just another signal for a crash. :lol:

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It is as if Gordon's HPI Miracle is backing itself further and further toward the edge of the cliff where the innovative financing ideas just run out.

We have seen longer and longer repayment periods, then IO, then 4 clubbing together, then the never ending mortgage that goes on beyond the grave, the the mass immigration to keep things going.....

All for WHAT exactly?

Just to keep Gordon's HPI-MEW bubble going and to create the Grand Illusion of British prosperity while everyone else lives in the real word where houses reflect the abilioty to pay as determined by earnings.

Its a Miracle allright.

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If they ever get round to finishing the channel tunnel high speed rail link I think this is going to become more and more popular. IIRC it should be possible to get from Lille to London in about an hour and a half. With the tube at the other end as well as well you'd be looking at about a 2 hour commute which I reckon a lot of people who live in London must be doing already.

Lille looked like a nice place to live when I was there, and presumably a heck of a lot cheaper than the South East.

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