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You Gov Poll Results On Gordon Brown Released

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Voters don't expect Gordon to be better

By Neil Tweedie

(Filed: 08/09/2006)

Only one voter in five thinks Gordon Brown will make a better prime minister than Tony Blair, while a similar proportion believes he will make a worse one, according to a YouGov poll conducted for The Daily Telegraph.
Asked if the Chancellor would prove a more successful occupant of No 10 than Mr Blair, only 20 per cent of those questioned said he would.
Twenty-two per cent said he would make a worse prime minister and just under half thought there would be no discernable improvement.
The figures were not much better when Labour voters were questioned, with only 23 per cent definitely favouring a Brown premiership over a Blair one.

Perhaps the Sheeple are waking up from the dream that was really the Grand Illusion: "A miracle economy of never ending HPI and unlimited MEW."

Gordon does not seem to be for Tony's diversity programme for a NuBritain:


Brown to stress British credentials
Chancellor Gordon Brown is due to underline his British credentials in a hard-hitting speech in Scotland. In a strong defence of the union, he will attack both the Tories and the Scottish Nationalists, saying the former want "English votes for English laws" and the latter want Scotland to separate. The attack will come in a speech in Edinburgh in which Mr Brown will declare: "I stand here today again to speak up for Britain and Britishness, and for the values that make us proud of our Britishness."
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The significance of a slime ball like brown becoming pm should not be underestimated.

Time after time on this site people have referred to “a trigger” (to start a hpc)

IMO this will be more than “a trigger”

It could well be the red button..

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So much for this media campaign to get him out - they've got their agenda (for whatever reason)

As real inflation increases the need to blame somebody (ie Tony) will increase - but who/what is going to rescue us from this debt bubble?

The only people who can really do that are the MPC/BOE - they need to raise IR to supress borrowing/spending and ultimately inflation - that's not going to happen whoever is in Government

The only thing the Government can do is curb people's borrowing/spending by reducing their wages (ie increase immigration

The cure is going to be painful...

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There is little confidence that Gordon Brown will be an improvement on Tony Blair. Only 20% of people think he will be better than Blair, with 22% thinking he will be worse. Overall 30% of people think Brown will prove a good Prime Minister, with 38% thinking he will be a bad one. Only a third now think that Brown has done a good job as Chancellor, only a fifth think him honest and only a sixth like him. That said, he still has no serious challenger for the position - amongst Labour supporters he is first choice of over 50%, with John Reid second on just 9%

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Media pictures of Gordon grinning like a Cheshire Cat seem to have been taken "the wrong way" hurting his chances of an easy ascension to No. 10:


Clarke reignites leadership row

Mr Brown was pictured grinning as he left Downing Street

Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke has accused Chancellor Gordon Brown of "absolutely stupid" behaviour during the Blair leadership furore.
Mr Clarke told London's Evening Standard newspaper people were angry at pictures of Mr Brown smiling broadly as he left Downing Street on Wednesday.

THen again, people in glass houses........................ :D

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It just keeps getting better for Brown

67 per cent of Londoners don't want Brown as PM, according to a straw poll at the London Evening Standard online.

Along with Charles Clarke's "Stupid, stupid, nervous and divisive" comments about The Cyclops of Kirkaldy, Looks like Blair's back in the driving seat. :lol:

In an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard, he issued a stark warning that Mr Brown must now "prove his fitness" to succeed Tony Blair as Prime Minister.
"He has to show that he can lead. The jury has been out on that," said Mr Clarke

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