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Damaged Carpet Old Property Landlord Wanted Costs

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Situation was briefly, I moved to new property with same landlord old bond carried over so no bond available to cover damage to old property.

whats everyones views on this?

my landlord was annoyed when his staff allowed me to move in 2 weeks after I paid my holding fee (they signed agreement)

after I moved he managed to get a new tenant in my old place within a week.

2 weeks after this I was told they have to replace carpet was quoted free labour and 5 pounds per square meter from landlords staff was told easily be under 100 pounds.

old property was just bedsit approx 10-15 square metres floor space.

few weeks later got dodgy looking invoice in post for 120 pounds, it was dodgy for following reasons.

(a) photocopy

(B) part of photocopy was not visible like something was covering part of it basically a white square.

© it didnt breakdown the cost ie cost per meter and labour etc. just simply said 120 pounds.

(d) date was after new tenant moved in

on (d) bear in mind this is a very small bedsit and it would have been extremely diffilcult to replace the carpet with a tenant living there as well as them telling me the carpet smelled and made the room un livable yet they had a new tenant.

So I left the invoice and ignored it, did ask for original invoice as well as telling staff not going to pay it, they rang me back few times saying landlord insists its paid. I offered to pay half as goodwill landlord refused and demanded full payment.

Eventually got phonecall of staff saying landlord is going to count it as rent arrears and will add late payment fee which will accrue 40 pounds every week, I paid up in cash that night landlord was there so asked for original, he said its locked away but will be sent to me. Now a week later still hasnt arrived.

This is annoying but I know I will have this money back as when I finally leave him I will simply withold 2 months rent instead of 1 month.

Am I right in thinking he is getting this cash by dodgy means and possibly as revenge for the 2 week gap in moving.

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Sounds a bit like it.

Also threatening to charge you a late payment fee of £40 a week is out of order, even if it is written into your contract. I can think of one act that breaches already, the Consumer Contract Regulations 1999.

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I highly suspect due to the dodgy looking invoice he may well have replaced the carpet but also done other work nothing to do with me and decided to take advantage send me the invoice with the other work under the mysterious white square.

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So if the LL decided to say upgrade the oven, that I left in fine working order and then made me pay for it by masking it out on an invoice would that be right? sounds wrong to me. I shouldnt have to pay for remedial work only for parts of the property I have damaged. If he decides to eg. replace fridge cooker with brand new models thats done at his expense not mine.

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I am somewhat confused by your post Rose...it does sound as if you are saying the landlord can use the deposit for remedial work which is clearly not true. I assume this is not what you mean...can you clarify?

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