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Blair, Brown And The Spin.

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Anyone who gets the chance, try and watch any available news channels today, particularly the comments from viewers. It is truly incredible to watch. If some of the comments sent in aren't made up by NuLab stooges, i'll eat my hat. Honestly, the next step is soldiers with machine guns behind the camera.

The same machine is promoting the miracle economy, and it's a powerful machine. It would almost be amusing if it wasn't so dangerous, and has such disastrous consequences for the future.

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In 2001 Brown sold 60% of the UK's gold reserves at $275 an ounce.[12] It was later attacked as a "disastrous foray into international asset management" [13] as he had sold at close to a 20-year low. Prices went on to reach $700 an ounce in May 2006 - he could have raised £4bn for the public had he waited[14] He pressured the IMF to do the same [1], but it resisted

Nuff Said, you are the weakest link................GOODBYE!!!.

And please all remember, his is a Scottish MP, so WTF is he doing in the UK? has he not heard he has his own parliament, surely he must, he signed the blank cheques for it.

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