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Google The Stasi Of Cyberspace?

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One for the 'conspiracy theorists':


This story has been picked up in afew places across ther web. What's erie is not so much the frightening implications of this technology and where it could lead but how even much critical comments have been so laid back.

'Yeah, could be abused, I s'pose, but sounds kinda kewl, y'know...' seems to be the attitude.

Google started out the geek's favourite corporation but it's been clear for a while they just can't wait to become the Stasi of cyberspace.

What next? Webcams? Google flags up plastic surgery ads if you look too ugly? Diet ads if you look too porky? Porn ads if they see a box of tissues on your desk?

Stasi nutjobs.

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Guest Shedfish

just scarey

i know a guy who has a cabin he built himself, in a wood in wales... not even on the map. beginning to think he has the right idea

the words of Michael Franti...

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