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Guest Absolutely Fabulous

Tony Blair: The Legend Begins..........

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Guest AuntJess

In the news today, a leaked memo indicates that our PM is on the brink of a new initiative. :D

He plans to go on a sort of farewell "tour of victory": lots of exposure to the 'common herd' - riding on buses; appearing on Songs of Praise, getting to mix with, and know the people. It will be a celebration of his achievements after 10 years in office. ;) He plans to leave us "wanting more"

Are his advisers crazy!! What 'achievements would those be then? :huh:

Left it a bit late to get to know the people. He ought to not only know the people but have been advancing their interests, not ploughing his own furrow....seeing that his wife was snowed under with lucrative work.. investing in the housing boom.

Does he not realise how alienating all that is? Or is he so out of touch he does not realise - pompous unworldly prat that he is - that we can see right through him and despise him for the weak, lethally clueless man he is?

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The media has been having a real go at the PM recently

It was hilarious in places - yesterday the BBC cut off his live speech about poverty halfway through to discuss his leadership crisis and possible leaving date :lol:

There is a bigger agenda going on here....

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