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Contract Fee

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Hi all, long time no post.

I had a question for all you experienced renters out there. We are currently renting a nice one bed flat in chingford and our tenency is up for renual. The landlord has agreed to keep the rent the same, we are happy to stay but.... The ageny are trying to charge me £50 + VAT for writing up the new contract!!!

I've not read it word for word but I can only assume they have changes the dates from last years contract AND any costs or fees like this should surely be met buy the landlord, not me.

Has anyone had any experience with this, any help would be grately appreciated.

(appologise if this has been covered already)

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Simply point out to them that you are happy to stay on a periodic tenancy, and as such there is no need for any work by them, no need for a new contract and no need for a fee. That should shut them up! The agents are allowed to charge for things like this, but it can only be reasonable costs that they would have incurred by drawing up the contract.

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Have just started looking for somewhere to rent. We put in an offer today on a place we like. The agent showed us the paperwork.

It's going to cost us:

a.) £110 for agent to check our references

b.) £70 for legal fees for the drawing up of the contract.

I said I didn't want to buy these services. As far as I can see these are costs that the agent or the landlord are incurring as part of their business.

What would their response be if I proposed

a.) I'll charge you £110 to check the references of the landlord. I want to find out how much they owe on the property, when they bought it, and whether they are liquid (bank references)?

b.) Don't worry about the tenancy agreement. I'll print one off the web - save us both a lot of work?

And like the poster above it's £50 for renewal.

What I really want to know is: WHO THE F**K is the customer in this relationship????

I don't mind paying rent. But I thought the idea was that the landlord should be covering his/her costs from the rental.

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