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Middlesbrough, Stockton, Teesside

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It looks like prices are not budging where I live.....

I have been looking at property prices in the middlesbrough/ nunthorpe area.

1.) I have noticed all the properties in the city centre are being snapped up by landlords.

2.) Properties in Linthorpe (an area with large victorian terrace and semis) seem to be slowing down. Prices are too high because of the surrounding whinny banks area (a council estate) and the city centre prostitutes means that well educated people who make that sort of money would not be interested in the area. The schools cover whinney banks, the city centre.. and have very very bad reviews.. Not to mention type of kids that attend. I went to see a property today that was just put on the market for 185k. It didn't have a garden.. Another house on Oxford rd. has been on the market over a year and half for 250k. Again a terrace.. with xtra large rooms and no garden. And further down the street a semi is on the market for 279k. Did I mention that Oxford street is on a busy road too. Needless to say.. the only people who seem to be buying are the asians who like to live near to each other. Which is why from Eton to cambridge rd.. houses owned by taxi drivers are on the market for a whopping 360,000k. did I mention that those were semi's? Okay older semis with lovely features.. but come on this is middlesbrough. The market seems stagnate in my opinion after the summer chaos and not much is moving.. accept in the lowest price brackets.

2.) Ingleby barwick.. have raised their prices for the shalford forum from 189k to 205k. My husband and I went to have a look at this town house.. It has 4 toilets in the place .. and 3 bedrooms.. all extremely small.. could barely fit a toddle bed in 2 of the bedrooms. And the garden was a laugh. Needless to say my husband and I started looking elsewhere. I don't understand the craze with Ingleby barwick.. they have no trees anywhere and its the biggest estate in england. I think a friend of mine went off her loop buying a house for 350k earlier this year.

3.) Then we have yarm.. In the middle of nowhere.. yarm is a village town with a good name. The houses on the leven side sell quickly because of that good name.. And its a great place to live if you plan on putting your children through independent school. I personally wasn't crazy with the state schools there.. It is better than many of the surrounding areas though. And the cul de sac in the leven area is lovely. The houses are not made to be lived in and practical unless you plan on spending 250k plus. I cannot say the same for the layfield development. Its rough and one can always see a tatooed skin head walking around. And of course one has spital fields which really is lovely. (Again to far out of the way) And the houses are all link detached at best. Eaglescliffe and through yarm centre have major traffic problems that need emergency attention. However this is a nice area to live as well.. and if not for the lack of access I would buy a house there. The verdict: its too expensive!

4.) We have marton which leads through nunthorpe and down to stokesley and great ayton. Now this is a lovely area.. Marton is a bit rough and gets increasingly better after one passes james cook hospital. House prices are a bit funny in that its roughly the same price all along stokesley road.. although the schools in some parts are much much nicer.. My fav. area is nunthorpe which has the old and new grey towers developments. As well as chandlers ridge. Lovely trees everywhere and even nicer people. Since searching for a house in the area.. the prices have dropped.. I put an offer on a house and the seller isn't willing to budge much below the asking price. Only great deal or lovely looking houses are being sold.. by those who sell their properties in linthorpe/acklam. Nunthorpe is really the gateway to stokesley and beautiful rolling fields. The only downside is that I am worried the market could crash.

5.) Stockton.. who would want to live there in the first place. Norton is really the same in my book. Unless you could get a great deal. Norton is close to hartelpool, middlesbrough, and yarm.. making the location very commutable.

Umm just though I'd give anyone some info on the areas LOL..

after looking at properties for the past 2 years.. I think that the price crash is starting up here. Properties in nunthorpe have dropped their value from 10k-20k. Linthorpe hasn't dropped any prices because of the city centre and the lower end of the market still thriving. Perhaps pushing buyers to buy bigger more expensive properties in the area. I think this will soon change because the prices compete with areas such as ingleby barwick and marton/nunthorpe.. which are more prestigious to live.

I have been looking for a house.. because my daughter needs a good school. And independent school cost an arm and a leg. The owners do not seem to be going down on their prices.. despite 2 houses being on the market since feb of this year. Its now september. I liked a house on the market for 212k and put an offer in it for 195k. It was rejected.

I think I should wait for the crash to happen.. Yet part of me thinks that nunthorpe is still a good buy. Once consumers from London and the south move this way due to cheaper prices..

One thing that bothered me when looking at houses is that estate agents have no knowledge about house on their lists. Everytime I ask about houses they need to look in the pc.. to see any latest info.. I mean come on.. how many houses do they have under their belt. I think they value the houses to high because they lack expertise in what is going on in the local market.

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