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45% Of People Think Their Finances Will Get Worse Over Next 12months

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I've been having a look round the survey's with YouGov, and i'm a little surprised by a few results:

45% think their finances will get worse, compared to 21% think it will get better.
People think the Conservatives will run the economy best @ 32% (Labour 30%)
43% think a Government would be best run under Cameron, compared to 36% under Brown.



Yougov constantly ask me survey's about the economy, but a lot of time I don't see the results. At least I get up to £1.50 a time to fill it in (in work hours). You get £1 for joining up: Here.

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The penny has finally dropped for most of the 30-somethings on 30-40K single incomes in my office.

"Maybe house prices will stay where they are and we'll just get wage inflation. I'm not bothered."

Yeah, you wish. If we get enough wage inflation to errode your 300K mortgage anytime soon, you ain't gonna be able to afford the repayments anyway. And if we don't, the ability of the housing market to defy gravity is looking decidedly suspect and will bring down the UK economy with it, and most likely your employer.

Tough call I'm affraid. But I told you so.

Amazes me these are the same people making decisions to trade up to 4 and 5 bed detached houses and cripple themselves with debt just a few months ago.

Sheeple indeed.

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