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There Is More At Stake Than Just Houses

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I have been thinking a lot lately about Capitalism and its alternatives mainly Socialism and Anarchism.

This has influenced my thinking that houses would crash and cause a recession, due to the understanding

that the boom and bust cycle was an inevitable part of Capitalism.

As self interest and profit is what drives the system, a boom is just too attractive a prospect.

Greed just gets the better of people.

Brown and Greenspan must understand economics and are self serving enough to realise that if the

cycle is inevitable, the best you can do is engineer the boom part of the cycle while they are in office so they get the credit and benefit and get out and leave the mess for your opponants to sort out and shoulder the blame for.

If Brown/BoE and Bernanke/Fed could do the hitherto impossible and have a boom without the bust

they will have cracked one of the biggest problems with Capitalism. If not, going by the sheer size of the

boom we could have the biggest bust in history, something big that could trigger a recession like great

depression in the 1930's. Could Capitalism survive such a recession? would people simply loose faith in it

and look for an alternative, it has been extemely resiliant in the past but would this be the end of Capitalism.

There is more at stake here than just the price of houses.

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The problem with the idea of a bust coming along and destroying capitalism is that sooner or later another boom comes along and everything's rosy again... until next time, that is.

Exactly. Busts just create buying opportunities, and buying opportunities are where booms begin.

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greed is universal.Even those who professed to communism were greedy for power and control over their peers who believed them.

Noble ideaology but completely flawed and open to abuse.

for the more televisually aware just look at the big brother house....all go in as equals but somebody always wants to wear the trousers and will use every trick in the book to get there....it's human nature.

all that remains is how benevolant the leadership is.

we were hated when we had an empire,but now reasonably respected for what we gave the world in raising their standards of living.

Q)will the US be similarly viewed come it's inevitable demise??

Q)what will replace the US,and how will they assert themselves?

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