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Befeore You Buy A Property Abroad Please Read This

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Portinho Lake

Life Style

Palm Breeze

We are pleased to offer 200 Alpha style studio villas in a gated condominium.

This condominium has been designed exclusively for foreign English speaking people.

This development has been sponsored with the object of introducing foreign English speaking people to the beauty and tranquility that Parnaíba and its surrounding areas has to offer.

The economic importance of this project is considered very high and a huge stepping stone for the future growth of Piauí, with the advantage of sponsorship for this project we are able to offer at an unrivaled price of R$12,000, All properties are sold in R$ Brazilian Reais (R$12,000 = £3,000, $5,590, € 4,350 based on todays currency exchange 24th August 2006) for each Alpha studio Villa.

Each villa is 42 m square, complete with veranda, parking space and a 150m square plot, this being ample area for a swimming pool, barbecue and to be able to extend your property at a later date.

Security of purchase

Each plot is labeled SR001 To SR200, when monies are received by the agent from the clients. The receipt for monies received is sent to the Cartorio, the Cartorio registers the receipt of the money on the title deed, this means the client is totally protected and has his interest registered on the title deed, therefore there can be no legal disputes, no monies are transferred until the Cartorio’s confirmation of registration.

Project development time

This project will be completed in 2009, work will be started on the roads, drainage, electricity and infrastructure in January 2007, when this is finished the building work will commence and continue until all 200 units are finished.

Attractive landscaping, a feature restaurant, two swimming pools with clubhouses and two floodlit tennis courts will be available to the condominium.

3 show house models will be available by January 2007, two of these models showing two examples of extension availability, a variation of landscaping, swimming pool and a barbecue area.

Rental opportunity

We have close connections with one of the best rental and management companies in Parnaíba who have many properties under management both commercial and residential, they will be delighted to offer your property for rental if you require, they can further advise you on peak rental periods and help you to maximize your rental potential.

Friends and family

Because of this unrivaled price, the Alpha Studio Villas are ideal for holiday purposes for family and friends, Sky TV will be available in the club houses and connections available for each villa along with high-speed Internet access.


Because of existing high property costs in Europe and the United States, the Alpha Studio Villas are an exceptional opportunity for retirement purposes, the villas are very low maintenance and the climate and diet added to the extremely low cost of living make an enviable and healthy lifestyle to retire to.

Learn Portuguese

We offer a speak Portuguese in 6 weeks course, we have qualified teachers who will make sure that you will be able to speak Portuguese after the course completion, the course only takes 30 minutes a day is fun and will open your mind to the endless possibilities of further learning.

High-speed Internet access

This will be available on site and can be installed in your villa.

Supermarkets and shops

Home delivery services are available with list availability of goods written in Portuguese and English.


This development is located next to our lakes developments so all the advantages of, fantastic scenery, tropical birds and fruits, the tranquil and beautiful Dunes and the lake views make this a very, very desirable location.

The Airport, The Beaches and The City Center are all within 15 minutes drive.


Because of the way of this development has been sponsored, there will never be an opportunity like this to purchase a new property with the flexibility to extend, situated in such a glorious location at an Unrivaled Price.

There are only 200 properties available on this project, They Will Go Fast.


Very rarely in life does an opportunity present itself that is within the financial reach of everybody, this is such an opportunity.

The land for this project is free and clear of any debt or liens, the selling agent receives all moneys from the clients, a receipt is raised relating to the plot number the client is buying his property on, the receipt is sent to the cartorio, who register the payments on the title deed, there is therefore no possibility of any legal disputes, this represents a very simple transaction and we are informed should take place on every Brazilian property transaction, this is a very simple method of safeguarding clients and protecting agents commission.

Because of the undoubted economic benefit this project will bring to the area and the interest it will attract, we have managed to secure sponsorship and can therefore as agreed with our sponsors offer these properties at unrivaled prices.

This project will change the economic face of this area and the state, the interest that will be generated in the United States, offers an enormous potential for foreign business and regeneration, this ultimately will pass on to Europe.

Piauí currently has the lowest crime of any state in Brazil, a fact held in high esteem, this project will spring board international interest for the area, bringing with it, New job opportunities and international business interests.


As a group we have lived in Brazil for four years, arrived speaking no Portuguese, worked via translators, have been exposed to deception and fraud of almost every description, had our own and clients moneys taken by deceit, paid for land and received bogus contracts all endorsed by the translators, accountants, lawyers and even bankers, People that are usually expected to be of high moral fiber.

We have painstakingly learned Portuguese to a standard that we can communicate and understand legal conversations and ask our own questions and not rely on dubious translators.

After a very long search

We have obtained credible accountants and legal counsel, fully understand how the purchase of land or buildings correctly works and more importantly know how to protect ourselves and our clients from further malpractice.

Rental Incomes

The average wage in Brazil is approximately R$ 6000 per year, yet we see many people advertise guaranteed rentals, yet when we evaluate the property It appears as though the rental has been built into the property sale price, in the Northeast we have not seen rentals of more than R$ 600 per month and these rented long-term by a family with four or five incomes or for a short holiday let, anybody renting above this figure should be able to purchase their own property, Caixa Bank currently offer a two-bedroom property for R$ 140 a month. The guaranteed rental market in Brazil currently is very immature and for the clients benefit and protection needs to be closely looked at if the client is looking solely for rental property as an investment.

Property Growth

Many agents state on their websites annual property value increases of 20% and more, the official statistics for Brazil as a country show an average of just over 1% per year for the last 20 years, however the last three years have seen slightly higher percentage increases than the previous 17 years. If you think about matters logically how can a country with average wages of approximately R$ 6,000 support property price increases of 20% or more per year. The only change which reflects the growing economy in Brazil is in the currency, which has strengthened by up to 30 percent against foreign currency, but this is a totally different issue to property price increases.

Properties and land

We have physically built properties and purchased land that is free and clear of any debt or liens. We have been very fortunate that in the area where we are located the owner of the Cartorio responsible for registering all property transactions speaks English and Spanish and he has fully explained to us how simple and straightforward the correct method of purchasing property or land in Brazil is, but caution needs to be exercised and direct contact with the Cartorio is advised. The Brazilian Dream

The country is on the verge of an economic boom, however patience needs to be exercised, there will be no real increase in property prices over the next five years, it may even take 10 years, the real benefit to clients today are fantastic property prices in a beautiful country that will offer a very beneficial future investment potential.

For the immediate future, on offer is a holiday home, a permanent move or a retirement dream in a beautiful location.

Please look at our website and compare property prices provided by agents to yourselves and check prices yourself like for like.

If you do not see the photos on the left hand side of the page click http://www.solutionsbrasil.com/palmbreeze.php

Yours sincerely,

Lee Courtney-Rowlands

Sales Director

Email: lee@solutionsbrasil.com

Phone: +55 86 3322 6566

Mobile: +55 86 9421 8400

Visit our Website


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