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People Dont Think Do They.

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I have a friend whos parents bought him a house, for a while he rented this house out before it caught fire, bye bye money made from rent. Now he is ready to move into his house, whilst paying off a small mortage. He earns about £800 a month. The question I want to know is how will he afford to live comfortabley whilst household bills increase and the IR rates go up?

Also his uncle is knocking down some garages to build 6 new houses, my mate will take the keys to one of these and as he says the rent he charges will be "pension money." After reading various forum posts and article about the but to lets, it would make more sense to sell the house and put the money into investments schemes. The rewards will be 2 or 3 times better than buy to let, as it stands he will only lose on the housing market at this time. As for his own house he is moving into he will be stuck there for live as he wont have enough equity to ever move up. Poor sole.

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