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Why Btl Now Is A Mug's Game

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If somebody came up to you and said -

"I've got a proposition for you"

Why don't you buy an asset thats already at an unprecedentedly high cost

I will take up to 40% (depending on your tax bracket) of any net profit you make from renting it out (don't worry too much your not likely to make any!! )

and then 40% of any profit (over £8k) when you come to sell it.

But don't come to me for a deposit, or if you make a loss, your tenant defaults, or you can't find a tenant etc etc.

Would you take them up on this ??

Because in a nutshell that's the arrangement you are making with Gordon B if you decide to embark on BTL now. Just for good measure he is the one that set off the rumour about BTL being accepted in SIP's !!

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People who buy to let in todays market are disollusioned, the reason being is that this asset is already at an all time high cost. Prices will only eventually go down, unaffordability means they will not go up in price, not for many, many many years to be worth it. I know of places which site empty whilst waiting for tenants this is only more cost to the unsuspecting landlord.

You can imagine it, a landlord saying "Quick better get a BTL mortage and get someone else to pay my mortage for me."

If only it was that simple.

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