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Not Strictly About House Prices But.........

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Being a keen eBayer and seeing how much they make from me, I was considering it a possible investment opportunity for shares. However, I have been taking a look a the London price and it would seem they have lost 30% of their value this year alone and 70% for the years since the dot com crash.

My question then is 'Is eBay still fundementall overvalued?

Some reasoning would be greatly appreciated, also I would be interested in share investment advice for the future. I am bearish on debt and the housing market, but feel there will be companies that will prosper in this uncertain time. With this line of thinking, who would be a potential investment?

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I pay ebay more than £1000 a month in fees, and whilst I can still make a reasonable profit, they really are getting a hell of a lot out of me - really need to get my websites more established!!

I know nothing about shares and marketing - they've certainly hit a slump, but they've also just teamed up with google, so who knows what the future holds. I can't help thinking it's seen its best days though, and I'm still scratching my head why a decent competitor hasn't come along. Google ought not team up with ebay, they should be rivalling them with their own auction site!

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