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Guest Shedfish

Bearing Up

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Guest Shedfish

Investment advice for a complete duffer

my knowledge of economics has gone from plankton to very small fish. i could possibly be an instance of the 'shoeshine boy speculator'.

now i know some express the view that (brigands like) HPC have allegedly talked people out of making an otherwise astute decision (e.g buying a house)... my own mind was made up before i discovered HPC. IMO this place is a necessary counterbalance to some of the crap elsewhere, but ultimately any decisions and their repercussions are my responsibility.

basically i've been saving for a couple of years, into a reasonable internet savings account. recently realised that:

i'm going to be saving a while longer (probably another year)

what i've saved so far is not growing fast enough

a bloody long-winded way really, of asking what some of the more astute investors on here might suggest, as somewhere to put a few k of my savings for a year or so. been watching Bloomberg recently. everything looks BAD investment wise. everyone's been talking up metals... gold looks like a no-go. silver looked ok last time i looked, but what do i know...?

not averse to higher risks necessarily, since i'm not gambling the whole deposit away. also, any thoughts on alternative currencies to the £ welcome


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read read read!

shares magazine , and investors chronicle are the weekly journals available.

There are also various books about investing - they are recommended by other posters on this forum

in the back of shares magazine, for example, look under the FTSE large and mide cap tables, and what £1000 invested 3 years ago is worth now (+reinvesting dividends)

Have a glance, at the certain sectors, like REAL ESTATE (i picked this for a laugh) for example. Nearly all the companies would have returned more than a building society over three years. E.g. £1000 invested in say in savils, three years ago is now worth £5798

Thats just an example of one sector. Keep your portfolio diverse.

Another sector - TOBACCO - again all the companies so far have done well for example:

£1000 invested 3 years ago in :

BATS - now worth £2526

GLH - now worth £1778

IMT - now worth £2025

If you stuck £1000 in a savings account, say paying 5%, the return after 3 years is £1,161.63

Do your own research, investing is making money gradually, and slowly, and of course there is an element of risk involved.

Its too easy to keep thinking the world will end tommorow as a reader of HPC, and to just sit and wait for the world to fall down around you.

I dont think that day is likely to happen quick enough for most people. Get out there and seize the opportunities available

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Guest Shedfish

Thanks both -

i realised after reading through the rest of this section that my question was perhaps a bit daft... currently have my nose in a 'bubble' book or two, i've heard the Prechter one recommended everywhere, so i'll Amazon it today.

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