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Waiting Patiently

Inflation And The House Price Crash

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........But it is the bust in residential real estate that creates the most disorder and the most sorrow, because it has got the middle and lower classes caught in a steel trap from which they cannot escape.

"No Money Down Disaster," reads a headline in this week's Barron's. The author notices what we have been saying for months that adjustable rate mortgages are on the verge of ruining the marginal borrower and dragging down the entire economy, too.

For, now, says Barron's, residential real estate is threatening to revert to the mean, which may indicate a 30% drop in prices that will wipe out the equity of millions of homeowners.

Either they will end up paying more than they can afford (why did they go for "no money down" in the first place?), for something worth less than they paid for it (that is what happens in a bear market). Or, they will lose their houses. When that happens, the world they thought they understood, will give way beneath their feet........

August 24, 2006 Bill Bonner


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