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Immigrants Poem

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I cross ocean,

poor and broke,

Take bus,

see employment folk.

Nice man

treat me good in there,

Say I need

go see Welfare.

Welfare say,

"You come no more,

We send cash

right to your door."

Welfare checks,

they make you wealthy,


it keep you healthy!

By and by,

Got plenty money,

Thanks to you,


Write to friends

in motherland,

Tell them

'come, fast as you can'

They come on boats,

In back of trucks,

I buy big house

with welfare bucks.

They come here,

we live together,

More welfare checks,

it gets better!

Fourteen families,

they moving in,

But neighbour’s patience

wearing thin.

Finally, white guy

moves away,


I buy his house,

and then I say,

"Find more aliens

for house to rent."

In my yard

I put a tent.

Send for family

they just trash,


But they, too,

draw welfare cash!

Everything is

very good,

Soon we own

whole neighbourhood.

We have hobby

it called breeding,

Welfare pay

for baby feeding.

Kids need dentist?

Wife need pills?

We get free!

We got no bills!


He pay all year,

To keep welfare

running here.

We think Britain darn good place!

Too darn good

for white man race.

If they no like us,

they can scram,

Got lots of room

in Pakistan.

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Nope, I can't claim responsibility for that one at all. It was sent on to me by a friend via e-mail. An educated, almost 100k a year pulling down friend.

Anyone out there STILL think its just the poorer classes who are getting sick of it all now?

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Refugee Blues by W.H. Auden

Saw fertile Kentish farmland, where orchards used to grow;

No apples now, just houses, in their hundreds, row on row:

We leave our towns to them, my dear,

We leave our towns to them.

Saw a mighty crowd of people, on a march to stop a war;

At least a million in Hyde Park, and elsewhere many more:

The number Blair's let in, my dear,

The number Blair's let in.

Heard politicians argue migrants come for England's good;

They work and integrate in peace, pay taxes as they should:

We can but hope they're right, my dear,

We can but hope they're right.

Saw a class of thirty children, from the migrant part of town;

"Just eight of them speak English", said their teacher with a frown:

Our schools will have to cope, my dear,

Our schools will have to cope.

Saw a doctor's busy clinic, giving drugs for HIV;

No patient there was English, so far as I could see:

But we must pay the bills, my dear,

But we must pay the bills.

Saw rap-cracked Caribbean gangs with guns and drugs to sell;

They kill and terrorise their turf, no witness dares to tell:

No law unto themselves, my dear,

No law unto themselves.

Saw a teenage Polish street-girl getting in a punter's car;

The money that she gets goes to her pimp, a Kosovar:

We bombed the Serbs for him, my dear,

We bombed the Serbs for him.

"I threw my passport in the sea" said Khalid (from Iraq);

"If they can't tell from where you came, it's hard to send you back":

It's not as Auden thought, my dear,

It's not as Auden thought.

Planes hijacked by armed Afghans land their children and their wives;

"If you send us back to Kabul we shall surely lose our lives":

We take them at their word, my dear,

We take them at their word.

Saw a stop-eyed Mullah ranting "Muslims! fight God's holy wars;

The unbelievers round you, kill, and paradise is yours!": *

He's talking about us, my dear,

He's talking about us.

Saw wealthy lawyers dining, heard the toast and loud applause;

"Human rights and immigration, our most lawyer-friendly laws":

Our taxes pay their fees, my dear,

Our taxes pay their fees.

Heard Runnymede declare "Your British flag and nation's dead;

Our vibrant new communities want none of that", they said:

Why did they settle here, my dear?

Why did they settle here?

Saw a Liberal wag his finger as he solemnly adjured;

"Community, not colony, - use no offensive word":

Plain talk is thought-crime now, my dear,

Plain talk is thought-crime now.

Had a vision of the conflicts in the future Labour's planned;

Two women in one kitchen, and two cultures in one land:

They just don't want to think, my dear,

They just don't want to think.

This Sceptr'd Isle, our Earthly Realm, - are English folk asleep?

What we won't cherish and protect we can't expect to keep:

It's time to say "Enough", my dear,

It's time to say "Enough".

That ancient Latin proverb still speaks with common sense;

Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first of all dements:

Do we just say Amen, my dear?

Do we just say Amen?

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Very funny ...... but also very untrue ..... :D

If your pissed off .... most people seem to blame it on the foreigners !!

Personally, I just have some rampant sex ...... :)

(usually with some sexy foreign bird !!)

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