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Didn't Sign My Last Ast


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My 12 month AST expired in January but my letting agent didn't send a new one out until February. Being as disorganised as they are, I never got round to signing it and sending it back and they haven't chased me for it. Am I effectively staying here without a contract, am I subject to the same terms as the last one or has it converted to something else, and what are the implications for me, e.g. can they just throw me out? I've no reason to get funny with either the LL or LA, I'm just curious whether things like notice period etc from the expired AST still apply.

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If you have not signed it, then obviously the AST is not valid. It would be fairly pointless signing it now I think as the dates on the AST would be all to pot.

You are now on a statutory periodic tenancy. This basically means that you are on a rolling month to month contract, on the same terms as your originial AST. There are not implications for you, nothing you need to worry about. It obviously means that you have no extended 12 month or 6 month fixed term, but the landlord/letting agent must still give you at least 2 months notice to evict you regardless.

Hope this helps!

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