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Isn't It About Time ...

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... that HPC got rid of those laughable predictions from their homepage. Like the one's from 2003 predicting a crash over, er, the next couple of years. I apprecoate they have to keep up the myth that all the non-lender experts are predicting house price crahses, even if just to keep up morale. But surely, even if you do have to resort to Prof. Evans Knowles for Neverheardofthem Investmnents, we can ditch the predictions from 2003 saying there's going to be a crash in 2005.

Just trying to help give the homepage a bit of credibility.

Warmest regards,


P.S. Perhaps a better use of the home page would be an explanation of property mix in house price measurements and how Rightmove discount erroneous enteries. It would help prevent a lot of wasted time and effort from some posters.

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