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Why Do Some People Have To Declare Themselves Bull/bear...

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I'm not sure exactly when the cut-off point was but I think it was a date in July. Everyone who joined the forum before this date was either free not to declare themselves or never asked to do so at all. Everyone who joined after that date HAD TO SAY WHICH THEY WERE just to join!


I was browsing this site for some months before joining, but lo and behold, I was required to give this info. I don't mind but others might. Comparison shows that others who joined say a couple of weeks before me have no 'label' to say what they think.

One practical result is that some people can be quizzed as to why they're a bull/bear in relation to something they've posted, while others don't have to. I've seen this a number of times already.


If one group of people are forced to declare themselves, shouldn't everyone, e.g. the next time they logon?

Could whoever runs the forum please explain.

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OK, good point, we've added another option called "Neither".

Thanks for that but if you think about it, that too is a declaration. Even "Don't know" is! You really need a "Not stated" option, and to display this by all posts by members who presently have no entry there at all.

Go on, you know it makes sense.

Meanwhile I'm still curious as to what happened in July 2006 to make you introduce this change anyway.

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